Sunday, June 10, 2012

...squiggles n2 for 10 june 2012...!

...dedicated to all those that think mostly in the "box" , and not much out of the box...!

...thinking in the box, is correct if we use correct ways of thinking and correct logic...! but thinking in the box, is how most think and are made to think...!

...pure logic is correct thinking in the box, and with the capacity of thinking new correct pure logic: out of the box ...!

...thinking in the box, is thinking that Academia theology will for ever be, and that the Monarchy of England will forever be Anglican ...!

...thinking in the box, is to believe that Biology Evolution will forever be the only theory of Science...!

...thinking in the box, is to believe that new ideas cannot be, if they are better than what is the "status quo"...!

...thinking in the box, is what is happening in World economies, social life, education in academia, always worse...!  no road to true slow advance to better things...!


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