Tuesday, May 29, 2012

...pure logic theories for Book 2...! finite and infinite...!


‎...in pure logic, mathematical equations sometimes limit logic that is not quantifiable, or able to be expressed exactly as Mathematics...! ...for my Book 2, if I do not forget, it is more logical to define matter and space not infinite, but that the Universe is finite...! Infinite, is only a Mathematical modelling of something numerical on paper, or our ideas...! [ en Castellano/Spanish/Español: ...en la lógica pura, a veces las ecuaciones matemáticas limitan algo lógico que pueda no ser quantificable, o que pueda ser capaz de expresarse exactamente como an Matemáticas...! para my libro no.2, si no me olvido, se define a la materia y espacio cono no infinito, sino que el Universo es finito...! Infinito, es sólo un modelaje de algo numérico en papel, o en nuestras ideas...!]

...equations for logic expressions are mainly for Academic Philosophy, Logic and other specific Sciences...!

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