Friday, April 27, 2012 the seed of life 1...!

...Eve being of a 'weaker nature' was targeted by the 'human devil-satan' of the bible to be 'tempted'...!
...nobody to this day, or in deep academia ancient theology, do they believe what Eve did was merely grab of the fruit to eat and gave some to Adam...! Most of us were taught that her disobedience and insurrection, rebellion against the God of the Bible, caused their "sin" and fall from the bliss of Eden...! I DO NOT KNOW HOW THEY WERE GOING TO PROCREATE ANYWAY, IN THIS STATE OF "INNOCENCE". You see you "door-nobs", there was also the tree of life, for eternal bliss in Eden...! Hence they were not at least physically eternal...! SO JESUS AND the New Testament offer to re-acquire this eternal life in heaven, or so pena to go to "eternal inferno"...!

[further explanations: i mean that eve and adam had to be mortals to be able to eat of the tree of life, or told that it was "prohibited"...! so how were they going to remain for ever in eden in innocence and not procreate to not end humans thus far...! this is not logical: the story of eden is logically wrong...!] IF I REMEMBER I'LL TELL YOU A TRUE STORY OF EDEN, AND A ADAM AND EVE...!

SO THE CATHOLICS DO JOKE, that Eve and Adam really what they did was, that they "got to know their NUDITY"...! I DID NOT KNOW MUCH ABOUT SEX, without learning from others, and until a few first times with my only wife...! eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk !

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