Thursday, September 12, 2013

...transparency for the inocent...! government tax agencies really slums of big companies...!

Well folks if you can explain how a few cities are built from nowhere in sales, then we are missing "reality" for Canada and USA, etc...!

...Transparency and Tax revenue agency fines for tax evasion for the "inocent" citizens, when huge Companies get away with more than "tax evasion"...! They get away with criminality of "clothes washing", and in a very big scale...! Why ? Because that is modern capitalism, in which "criminality" has a social function because Government does not run the Economy nor provide for jobs and real work...!

...Folks, there is no way, a BAIL OUT for Banks and MOTOR CARS companies, was paid back so quickly...! From where ? Capitalism is bogus...!

...The Government is in on it...!

...this is the worse equivalent to Black-Niger slavery...! Human drugs slavery, that even has a Religion to "soothe" the hell on Earth they give their citizens...!



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