Friday, February 22, 2013

...what is the purpose of life? with Sadhguru - recent visit London 7-8feb2013...!

Salutations from purelogic !

Sadhguru - What is the purpose of life!
Any story told you of heaven is crap and nonsense-logic...!
Live heaven here! Earth is being destroyed not by evil but by "beliefs"...!

Listen to his discourse file or at youtube:


...Sadhguru is in main concord with me and pure logic and more advanced common sense logic...!

I SALUTE YOU PUBLICLY SADHGURU...! You are most enlightened ! pure logic it is obvious the Bible is a "scam" ! You do not wait to go to heaven for no reason! IF HEAVEN WERE TRUE, THERE IS NO REASON TO BE HERE! That is why Chriastians say babies that die go strait to heaven, as they are innocent! WHAT CRAP LOGIC!


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