Monday, March 5, 2012

...if it is a "Lion" it must be a 'lie-on'...!

World Balance of Power logic or illogic !
You determine the logic !
Book 2 of Pure Logic , please !

...first of all Wars are of an Evolutionary and old Theology basis, and is what most animals do !
...secondly nuclear weapons in anybodies hands could be misused, but we trust those "good" countries to have them, plus the "bad" ones that do too !
...thirdly, no enrichment of uranium by Iran, can be controlled once acquired !
...fourthly, any more countries going "nuclear weapons" is and should be UN sanctioned as to an attach ! if Israel goes it alone or with USA without the UN, again it will be criminal ! does the UN delay too much ?
...fifthly there are very few more sanctions against Iran, and the population has suffered from this for very long ! so to do what has never been done !

...a full control of Iran, to not go to a Iraq style city guerrilla warfare ! no ! to stop the places that are producing "nuclear weapons"...!!! what if you do not get all the places...! they are a bit more than Syria, or are they not ?

...I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED THE UNITED NATIONS coming and saving so many tortured, raped, and killed in different African genocides ! What makes them decide to do something ?

Anyway, after Iran, and Iraq, we are left only with N. Korea, unless other previous or new places become politically unstable !

I suppose if the Babylonian History story be true, the Jews-[he_brews] do not want to be carried away captives to Babylon !!!

A single strike of Israel to any neighbor is as similar as the English and Argentinians and the Malvinas ! As far as I know !

Particularly I think Iran's methods of power and government are not healthy for World peace ! """A Lion is a 'lion', unless they have cut all it's mane[main] ...! Or is this not entirely true ?"""

Who are always the loosers generally: "the people, the personas that lost their rights because of a war, the population...!"

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