Thursday, December 15, 2011

...Canada Gov off for "vacations"...!

...though a picture a bit out of 'focus" and bad infiniti settings [depth of focus], human eye site is a marvel, regardless of Evolutionists classifications of it.

...anyway you read the rest on the picture....!

as always goverments, is it not the ammounts used, but the necessities covered and the work for all !

governments debt, is merely a money, as childish as you want it ....!

poverty is derived from inferior mentality governments...!

dARWIN confesses as my Book of pure logic affirms also:

"...'most' wonderful majestic creatures of life !"

"...but the God of the Bible or the God[s] forgot
one thing that comes to mind of many others:
were is he/she, or where are they, and why
can't we see him/her them ? Book 2 of pure logic
please, and give me my life back ! [that is to say
not in heaven or beyond the stars !]

book 2:

the bible is the story of a god in problem
with lucifer and a bad father also to humans...!
so how can such a bible be so accepted ? because
i had not declared or really realized also the above
till this day !


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